Throughout history Persian gastronomy has been considered one of the tastiest in the world. Iranian cuisine is rich and varied, there are more than 400 types of foods and cakes in Iran. The main dishes in Iran are based on vegetables, legumes, meat and rice.

Some of these foods are extremely popular and are considered signature dishes of Persian gastronomy.

Abgoosht also known as Dizi is a famous Iranian lamb stew thickened with potatoes and chickpeas. It has to be cooked in a stoneware crock in order to find its true taste.

Chelow Kebab consists of fine and long rice accompanied by first quality lamb or chicken meat or both.

Zereshk Polo, one the most popular and ceremonial dishes in Iranian culture is rice cooked with barberries and saffron and served with chicken.

Aush is a thick and delicious stew which is cooked all over the country and depending on the region it is prepared in, it has different tastes, colors and ingredients.

Another famous signature dish in Persian cuisine is Ghormeh Sabzi, a traditional Persian herb stew that carries a mixture of aromatic herbs with red beans, dried limes and lamb or beef. It is usually served with Basmati rice. Ghormeh Sabzi is a super popular among Iranian people and it is considered one of the tastiest foods in Persian gastronomy.

Fesenjan, a typical Persian bittersweet stew with walnuts served with chicken or meatballs and pomegranate sauce.