Before you start preparing your suitcase to travel to Iran you must consider a series of rules.

Dressing Codes for Men:
Men can wear short-sleeved shirts or shirts and long pants. In general, shorts are only allowed on tourist beaches so they cannot wear shorts or pirates, or tank tops or sleeveless. If they have large tattoos on their arms, it is advisable to keep them covered, especially in villages and religious places.

Dressing Codes for Women:
As soon as the plane lands in Iranian territory, in any public place,, including hotel lobbies, it is obligatory for the ladies to wear a headscarf, long pants and shirts that go up to near the knees.
It is necessary to avoid very narrow or transparent clothing, However, it is not necessary to cover all the hair like bangs. There are no limitations on wearing colored clothes, long skirts to the ankles and sandals.
To visit the mosques and shrines it is necessary to bring Chador (Normally it is provided in the same place).