Si-o-se-pol or the bridge of thirty three, is the largest bridge in Isfahan and one of the most famous bridges in the world. Built during Safavid era, Si-o-se-pol was built to serve as both bridge and dam.

Like many other spectacular buildings in Isfahan this bridge was also built by Shah Abbas I. his purpose was connecting the Muslim part of the city to Armenian quarter.

During Safavid era, Nowruz was celebrated beside the bridge for seven days and seven nights.

Si-o-se-pol is a very popular place in Isfahan and a place for public meetings and celebrations. Ab Pashan was one of these celebrations. During this celebration which is close to new year people wash themselves in the river and splash water at each other.

Some historians believe that 33 arches are a symbol of Anahita the goddess of water and that the bridge is a monument to the goddess.