Built 550 years before Christ, Persepolis was one of the most glorious palaces of the ancient times and the house of Achaemenid Dynasty.

This historical site is located about 70 kilometers outside of Shiraz.

Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of Achaemenid empire. A stunning complex consisting of several palaces, halls, a castle wall that went around the entire complex, courtyards, gates and monuments that display the power and glory of Persian empire.

Persepolis was the pride of all of Persia, all of the king’s subjects would bring gifts and annual tax for their master. The inscriptions discovered in Persepolis show the power and influence of Persian kings.

Today, however, Persepolis is a mere shadow of its former self. During the conquest of Alexander The Great, his army looted the palaces and then they set fire to the entire complex.

This stunning historical site is the symbol of Persian rich history and culture. Thousands of people travel to Iran every year to visit Persepolis and gaze upon the magnificence of what used to be the greatest empire on earth.